Buying a home anywhere is a huge commitment and none more so than in Cyprus. After all, every home is someone’s castle so make sure you spend time researching the area you wish to live in, the type and style of property and local prices.

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UK Nationals can normally only purchase one immovable property such as a house or a flat and must get permission from the Council of Ministers before doing so. It is also possible to purchase a plot of land so long as a property is planned to be built on the land.

Always make sure the full title deeds are available when purchasing a property. It is very important that you appoint an independent lawyer to act for you and ensure that the property is surveyed and all searches are completed.

Loans to buy property

Third country nationals can apply for a loan to buy a property from a Cyprus bank. Rates vary between different banks and loans are usually granted in Euros.

Please remember that interest rates can rise as well as fall and exchange rates might mean that your repayments increase in the future. Your property is at risk if you do not continue your repayments. You should seek expert financial advice before proceeding with any property loan.

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