CRPG News Flash Tory MP warns UK Prime Minister of the danger of Scammers operating in the UK.

Published on: December 08, 2022

Anthony Brown MP for South Cambridgeshire today warned the UK Prime Minster of the continued danger of Scammers operating in the UK and the need to tackle this insidious crime before more people are Scammed out of their money.  In particular he asked the PM whether an Anti-Scam task force together with government departments and industry could work together to prevent scammers operating in the first place.

He pointed out that it is all very well dealing with the proceeds of such crime through Anti Money Laundering laws, but that this does little to protect the public who are being scammed in their thousands every day.

The Prime Minister responded by saying that the new Online Safety Bill will go so way to ensuring that internet platforms do more to prevent online scam and that he would meet with Mr Brown to discuss the matter.

  • In 2020, the amount lost to scammers across the EU grew to € 41 billion
  • In 2020 there were a reported  266 million scams across the EU

Anyone who suspects that they are being scammed should report the scam as early as possible.

Currently scammers are targeting individuals and businesses in Cyprus, with a number of scams including;

Investment             – FX, Binary, Crypto, etc – email, text, telephone, twitter, post
Courier                    – Account is outstanding – by email and text
Post Office             – Custom clearance for package  – by text
Banks                     – Security verification – by email, text and telephone
Cytanet                   – Security verification / account outstanding, – email, text, telephone
Nigerian 419           – Advanced Payment – email, Facebook, text
Romance                – Befriend via – Facebook, twitter, tinder, email, text,

To find out how to report a scam in Cyprus, go to the Cyprus police website please click here

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